Trainins sessions in groups

Studying in a group is fun and developing! We offer a variety of 1.5 hour group trainings. Trainings are conducted when 10 people are met. The cost of the training per participant is 20 EUR. To participate in the group training, write: 

"10 tricks and tricks of a job interview"

During this training, you will acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge of the job interview. We go through various job interview questions, discuss and analyze the answers.

"Your personalized CV"

Training, where we analyze different types of CVs and discuss what are the strengths and weaknesses of one or another type of CV. After the workshop, free individual assistance is possible.

"My skills and expectations"

In this workshop, we will map out your strengths and weaknesses and discuss how to highlight them in the job interview.

"Create an awesome video CV"

Online training to introduce different ways to make a modern and interesting resume with simple tools.